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Ducted Split Air conditioners Ultra slim design Fresh air intake Fresh air intake hole reserved, it's convenient to connect Built-in water drainage pump (Optional) The built-in pump can lift condensing water up to 800mm high from th

UNDERCEILING AIRCONDITIONER   Dual-direction swing, wide swing angle Vertical and horizontal swing function make it possible to blow air to every corner of the room Ultra slim design Flexible installation Install it vertical

    Standard Back to Back - 3m and less  Installation Includes: Evaporator (indoor- unit) Compressor/Condenser (outdoor-unit) Electrical connections to existing power point up to 3 meters for Air- 

Room Size Air-con Size 18 m²  9 000 BTU 24 m² 12 000 BTU 36 m² 18 000 BTU

            Silver solutions technical services: Installation and repair on all domestic, commercial and industrial air conditioner/Refrigeration systems Maintenance of star-delta motor-wiring

      4 Way Cassette 6-segment heating exchanger design Compact stucture Innovative exchanger design enlarge the heat exchange area Heat exchanging effiency increased by 10% to 15% Fresh air intake Fresh ai

  air-conditioner error code  Timer indicator on LED display Error code on digital display Trouble source Priority class Flash 4 times per 8s
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