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Kodak VMIII Lithium Ion Solar Kit - 5kW/4.8kWh Storage/2kWp Solar R67 590.00

Offer valid until the end 19/12/ 2020 and on regular priced items only. Delivery is to street addresses only. Contact us for a quote to farms or outlying rural areas.

Solar Home System

Design your Solar home to your own requirements. Start with your geyser, extend the system according to your needs and budget. A Solar Sun Tracking Stand can be designed to accommodate any size, according to your specific requirement.

  •  For solar home freestanding in the yard.

  • From 5Kw to 40 Kw on one stand.

  • Multiple installations can be done.

Silver solutions Solar Pty (Ltd) Company Registration no: 2012/054808/07 South Africa Patent no: 2013/70268
World Patent no: 2013/P64047/PC00 Includes: Asia, USA, China, Europe, Middle






If you are interested in our solar home System,

 Silver solutions can send you a speedy and accurate quotation.


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