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Standard Back to Back - 3m and less

 Installation Includes:

  • Evaporator (indoor- unit)
  • Compressor/Condenser (outdoor-unit)
  • Electrical connections to existing power point up to 3 meters for Air-    conditioners from 9 000 BTU to 24 000 BTU ( Room sizes up-to 48 m²).
  • Installation time takes 2-3 hours.

Installation Excludes:

  • Condensation pump
  • Electrical connections to existing power point more than 5 meters (Charged per meter thereafter) for room sizes up-to 48 m².
  • Isolators &  DB Breakers
  • Trucking 100 x 40 mm
  • Required by law, electrical connections for air-conditioners above 24 000 BTU (room sizes exceeding 48 m²) to be carried out by a qualified electrician from distribution board (not included in installation charges).


Any installation that exceeds the standard back to back installation guides will be charged additionally and separately

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